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Advanced Engineering Associates (AEA, Inc.) has provided forensic engineering and design services in West Virginia and surrounding states since 1989. We perform forensic engineering investigations based on the fundamental principles of science. Our principal investigators have been trained in multiple engineering disciplines and possess decades of experience in forensic investigations. This interdisciplinary approach considers the total picture to produce sound, reliable evidence about the causes of accidents, fires, and distress in structures. Our conclusions are based on the scientific method....hypothesis, observation, testing, and analysis. Whether these conclusions are presented in a written report or in a courtroom, AEA will always strive to promote honesty, integrity, and sound science.

Forensic Engineering

  • Structural Distress Investigations
  • Accident Reconstructions
  • Fires Industrial Accidents, and Equipment Failures
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Design and Consulting Services

  • Structural Design
  • Foundation Evaluation
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