Accident Reconstructions Forensic Engineering

Accident Reconstructions

Since the invention of the automobile, people have been getting in accidents. Often, one or more parties will admit fault. In those instances when no one will accept blame, an independent accident reconstructionist is of utmost importance. AEA performs thorough investigations of all types of accidents, whether the vehicle is a car, heavy truck, bicycle, or motorcycle. These investigations may involve surveys of the scene and of involved vehicles, a review of medical records and therapy reports, interrogation of the black-box, and an analysis based on the laws of physics. In the instance of a protracted dispute, 3D animations and crash testing may be performed. Defect investigations entail visual examination, disassembly, and testing of mechanical parts. AEA possesses a full line of investigative tools and equipment to ensure that fault is assigned based on the facts and sound science.


  • Two-Vehicle and Multi-Vehicle Investigations
  • Vehicle-Pedestrian and Bicycle Incidents
  • Heavy Truck Accidents
  • Biomechanical Evaluations
  • Desktop Reconstructions
  • Slip/Trip/Fall Accidents
  • Computer Animations
  • Testing and Measuring Services
    • Crash Data Retrieval
    • Crash Testing and Instrumentation
    • Accelerometer Testing
    • Evaluation of Braking and Steering Systems
    • High Speed Photography
    • Total Station and Laser Transit Surveys