Structural Distress Investigations Forensic Engineering

Structural Distress Investigations

Structural damage may result from severe weather, natural disasters, improper construction, or poor maintenance. It is often useful to perform forensic engineering investigations to differentiate between the potential causes of damage. Legal disputes, insurance coverage, and repair plans often depend on the accuracy of these investigations. AEA’s investigators rely on their experience in engineering and construction trades to provide an honest, accurate, and timely assessment of the cause and extent of structural distress.


  • Foundations, Soils, and Slope Instability
  • Wind Damage - Structural Frames and Veneers
  • Hail Damage Evaluation
  • Mold and Mildew Investigations
  • Drainage Systems and Hydrological Analysis
  • Building Code Compliance
  • Testing and Measuring Services
    • Infrared Imagery
    • Moisture and Humidity Levels
    • Total Station and Laser Transit Survey